Exchange 2.0. Driving the future

What’s new?

We hope that you find the Exchange a handy tool, that helps you boost your profits and fill your capacity at all times. Please take a few minutes to read ‘What’s new’ and browse through our latest features.


New, Updated User Interface

It’s contemporary…and it works better. We have kept the main navigation elements the same but totally updated the User Interface. A soft blue and grey colour theme has been used to make the interface clearer, sharper and more pleasing on the eye.

There are three basic elements to navigate your way around the Exchange:

  • Main sections – select which section you wish to view by clicking on one of the tabs in the header at the top.
  • On the Left Hand Side panel, you will be presented with search options, filters etc.
  • In the middle of the screen  you will be presented with the results, load listings.

Google Maps API

The Google Maps App has now been integrated extensively throughout the new site and features our new ‘Live Availability Map’. This is a fantastic new service which shows the real-time status of member vehicles travelling throughout the UK and Europe. It also works in conjunction with the new Mobile App to deliver real-time job notifications based on actual position.

The new search functions use the Google derived mileages on the ‘Loads’ listings and the Google Gazetteer which makes journey and load searches quicker and much more accurate saving you time…and money.

New Mobile App with GPS-based Notifications

Locate drivers and locate loads… easily, quickly and in real time using actual GPS locations. This is the Mobile App that will revolutionise your operating methods, and the good news is it’s available to all Courier and Haulage Exchange members.

The current version of the Mobile App allows users to sign in with the same username and password as they use for the Exchange. You’re then able to register Return Journeys, update your availability status and receive alerts for loads based on your actual real-time location…all in just a couple of clicks.

When you receive a booking via the Exchange, the Mobile App allows you to keep your customer updated with real-time status updates; On site (pickup), loaded, On site (delivery) and Delivered (POD).

The Mobile App is currently available for iPhones and Android Smart Phones (V2 or above).

In addition, by upgrading your subscription, you could also choose to roll out the Mobile App to your own drivers and regular sub-contractors in either the general Exchange or in a ‘closed user group’, giving you accurate and immediate contact with your own private circle of drivers and operators.

New ‘Goods to Move’ & ‘Return Journey’ forms

We have re-named ‘Goods to Move’ – they are now simply called ‘Loads’. We’ve also simplified some of the processes and introduced new features, that will get you on the road quicker and more efficiently. You can now ‘Save Regular Loads’ and have your own Contacts Book – all the information you need is at your fingertips. New features include:

  • Option to add a ‘Via’ location from the Google Gazetteer
  • Ability to save a ‘Draft’ booking confirmation while waiting for quotes to come in from your load postings
  • New ‘Save Regular Loads’ feature
  • New ‘Regular Journey’ feature
  • New ‘Contacts Book’ feature
  • New categories added – ‘Regular Load’ and ‘Daily Hire’
  • New Re-post feature

Re-developed Feedback System

The Feedback System will make it possible to edit feedback that you have previously submitted. We have also improved the complaint handling screens for our Administrators.  It is easier to read and identify Exchange members you wish to work with.

New Invoicing & Accounts Module

The Invoicing & Accounts Module has been completely re-developed.  It can now be used as a stand-alone offering  as well as for your Exchange-derived business. New features include the ability to mark invoices as paid and produce statements and reports.  Invoices received for bookings you have sub-contracted out can easily be recognised in your diary for quick viewing.

New Driver & Vehicle Database

The Exchange requires users to post journeys for a specific vehicle, pre-registered with your Exchange account. This can be either a company-owned vehicle or one of your regular sub-contractors. This feature ties in with the compliance document management, enabling companies to track key documents such as licences, MOTs, insurances and other certificates for both employees and your vehicles. And that’s got to make life a whole lot easier (details are kept private).

Compliance Document Management

This great feature allows you to upload compliance-type documents for your business and also for all the drivers and vehicles that you run. And that’s not all…we’re currently developing a permission-based system that will allow you to control who has access to, and who can follow, your compliance account. Every member will still have to supply the standard documentation to Transport Exchange Group administrators.

Improved Chat Forums

We are keeping the lines of communication well and truly open. Our new Chat Forum software features new controls to personalise your experience and improved moderation features for greater security. But, it’s just as easy to use as ever and includes all the functionality that users have come to expect from a forum.

Integration with 3rd party Transport Software and Tracking providers

We have successfully integrated the Exchange with all major telematics providers such as Navman Wireless, TomTom Telematics, Quartix and Causeway.  This allows your tracked vehicles to be visible on the Live Availability Map, where you can view loads and vehicles together on the same screen, opening up rapid vehicle and load matching opportunities.  The Exchange can also  match loads automatically based on your vehicle’s current location.  A simple but powerful Vehicle Activity Management screen has been created to control all of your vehicles’ statuses from one screen!

All you have to do is send your loads and journeys into the Exchange without having to double enter…so that’s got to be half the work!