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Exchange 2.0 – 1 year on…

Dear Member,

It has now been a year since we launched our completely updated Exchange 2.0. During the course of the past twelve months we have continued to introduce numerous enhancements and new developments to the Exchange as I’m sure you will have noticed. We very much hope that these have made your use of the Exchange easier, more enjoyable and ultimately more beneficial for your business.

We are continuing to invest significantly in the Exchange platform and I would like to take this opportunity to let you know where the focus of our efforts will be over the next few months. The key areas are:

– continuing to make the Exchange accessible and suitable for all types of devices – desktop and laptop computers, ipads and tablets, smartphones. You will have noticed that we have just updated the mobile-friendly version of the website including the ability to post and manage loads;

– adding more integration partners in both the vehicle tracking & telematics field (‘TomTom Webfleet’ is the latest integration partner) and also to link up with commonly used TMS / courier software providers. An integration ‘API’ document is now available for your software suppliers to use for this integration which means that you can post loads and bookings direct from your software and receive status updates, PODs etc without double entering the data;

– continuing to add more functionality within the mobile app (the next version of this, capable of handling multiple bookings, showing other members who are nearby and much more) is due out in the next few weeks. You can now deploy the mobile app to all your drivers and regular sub-contractors where they will appear under your company name. There’s a brand new ‘Vehicle Activity Management’ screen to control your driver availability status and privacy settings on the Exchange;

– improving the confidence levels when you trade with other members by giving you visibility of your loads throughout the entire booking process – whether you trade with owner drivers using our mobile app or other companies with their own integrated 3rd party tracking – you can now see the live GPS location from just before pick up right through to the delivery point;

– adding more functionality to the ‘Accounts Receivable’ and ‘Accounts Payable’ sections to make the handling of invoices and payments between our members easier and more streamlined;

– further improving the User Interface, technical resilience and performance of the Exchange platform.

Alongside the technical developments we are continuing to refine our own internal processes to handle the growth of the Exchange membership and the 30% year on year growth in trading activity between our members. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the Accreditation section within your account which should be kept as up to date as possible with your most recent business documents. If you need help with this then please give us a call.

I hope that you all have a great summer and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at next years Members Awards party.

Best regards,


Lyall Cresswell
Transport Exchange Group Ltd