Exchange 2.0. Driving the future

Preferred Carriers


You now have access to the Exchange as a Preferred Carriers sub-contractor.
This is a ‘closed user group’ environment – all activity is viewable only by you and your ‘parent’ company (the company that invited you).


As a Preferred Carriers sub-contractor you’ll be able to get many of the advantages that the well-established public version of the Exchange offers – this includes advertising your available vehicle capacity and viewing the loads offered by your parent company in a private ‘closed user group’.
You’ll also be able to keep your parent company automatically updated on any jobs you are undertaking for them including the ability to enter and upload PODs and much more.


Your subscription is currently limited in the features available and who you can work with. Once you have become accustomed to it and have seen the advantages of the Exchange, you will have the option to purchase a full subscription which will give you access to many more features and the ability to work with other full Exchange members. Please speak with an Account Manager on: 020 8993 7100 to discuss the packages available.