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Live Availability

Put your vehicles on the map!

There are TWO ways in which you can feature your company vehicles and regular sub-contractors on the Live Availability Map.*

  • Integrate your existing tracking provider with the Exchange

Key Benefits

  • ‘Live Availability’ allows you to maximise your vehicle’s earning potential as it allows other members to see your vehicle’s status and actual location in real time.
  • When a relevant new load is posted within the geo-fenced proximity of any of your vehicles, your traffic office will receive an immediate email alert.
  • You will be able to see all relevant loads for each vehicle that have a pick up of within 50 miles by using the ‘Our Drivers’ view and ‘show loads’ filter.  This allows a very quick way of finding loads based on your vehicles’ current location
  • In April 2014 we launched the new version of the LAM which auto refreshes every 15 seconds with vehicle movements and new / expired loads
  • See the real time status of all vehicles, and cut down on unnecessary calls.
  • The GPS tracking is integrated into the Diary – you can provide your customers with real time visibility whilst undertaking work for other members, and provide automated updates during the course of the delivery.

Adding your ‘Live Availability’ to the Exchange gives everyone the ability to trade better and with greater confidence, transparency and assurance.

‘Private’ or ‘Public’ View?

  • You can choose whether to display your drivers on the  Live Availability Map, or keep them visible only to your company users. It is possible to ‘Mix and Match’ both options.
  • Additional benefit: if you’re using the Exchange Mobile App, you and your trading partners can benefit from real time status updates and mobile POB/POD, sent immediately back into the Exchange Diary.
  • Actual locations are only visible at a high level on the map to users outside your business, to maintain privacy. However, users in your own business can see down to street level.
  • Your company vehicles and regular sub-contractors on the Live Availability Map will appear under your company details.


logosThis is not as scary as it sounds!  If you’ve already made the investment in a tracking solution for your company vehicles, you can now do a whole lot more with these assets on the Exchange. Transport Exchange Group has partnered with well-known telematics providers such as Navman Wireless, TomTom Telematics, Quartix and Causeway allowing you to integrate any of your chosen tracked vehicles with the Exchange.

We can pipe the location data of your vehicles directly into the Exchange.  This will display all of your vehicles on the LAM.  Your controller can then update the availability status (for other members to see, who may call you directly if they have a load which you may be able to pick up).  You have the option to keep this info private for your own office use.  Receive automatic load notifications when loads are posted within proximity of your vehicles.  All of your vehicles can be easily managed via the new Vehicle Activity Management dashboard.


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