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What is the Courier Exchange Mobile App?

The Courier Exchange mobile app helps both courier companies and courier drivers gain more work by matching vehicle location and availability with loads advertised on the Courier or Haulage Exchange.

By using our mobile app on your smart phone or tablet, Exchange members can advertise their real time location and availability, giving easy and immediate visibility to suppliers.

The system automatically matches drivers with available loads based on their current location.

The mobile app is a great tool that helps you get the most out of your Exchange membership.

Where can I find the user guides for the mobile app?

You can download the user guides for the mobile app by clicking on the links below:

Mobile App User Guide for Android

Mobile App User Guide for iPhone

How much does the mobile app cost?

Most subscription levels are entitled to at least one mobile app free of charge. Higher level subscriptions entitle you to have two free mobile apps.

If you require any mobile apps in addition to your free apps, there is a cost of £9.99 + VAT per mobile app per month (this is worked out pro-rata according to your subscription renewal date)

I do not have an Android or IOS device, can I use the mobile app?

No, the mobile app is only available on Android and IOS devices.

What is the difference between the ‘Plus’ and ‘Standard’ options for the mobile app?

The Plus option enables your driver’s location to be advertised to other members or the LAM (you will also be able to view your drivers location on the LAM). If you have the Standard option, only you will be able to view your driver’s location on the LAM.

How much mobile data does the mobile app consume?

We estimate about 1MB per day

Does the mobile app use a lot of battery?

This is debatable. The mobile app is on consistently and sending data every two minutes. This in itself doesn’t consume too much battery. However, the app needs to ask your device for the current location. This is achieved by using the GPS feature on your device.

This unfortunately does use a lot of battery as it is constantly asking satellites for your current co-ordinates. As a result you will find that the app INDIRECTLY uses quite a bit of battery power. It is important to note that the screen is responsible for using most of the battery – up to 70%.

Why won’t my mobile app let me log in?

There are three main reasons why the app will not let you log in and for each reason, you will get one of the following messages if you’re unable to log in:

  • Unable to connect: you need a network connection to use this application. Please turn on mobile network or WI-FI settings.

If this is the message displayed on the mobile app, please ensure you have mobile data/WI-FI turned on or have a good connection if already turned on.

  • You appear to have entered an incorrect username or password. Please check and try again or use the forgotten password link below.

Please note: usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

If you can’t remember your username or password, please click the Forgot Password? Link. Once you have clicked on this link, you will be prompted to enter an email address which should be the same email address which you have registered on your account.

Once you have submitted the email address, you will receive an email shortly with a link to reset your password.

  • Access denied: Reason: You are not allowed to use mobile client

You will receive the above message if you have allocated a ‘Plus’ or ‘Standard’ option on the mobile app and try to log in straight away. If you receive this message, an account manager will contact you in relation to the mobile app as the account will need to be validated.

Please Note: Most subscription levels are entitled to at least one free mobile app. Higher level subscriptions are entitled to two free mobile apps.